AIC is a charitable, non-profit organisation.

Ahululbayt Islamic Center is a Tanzanian registered non-profit organisation and school based in Kigoma, Western Tanzania. The organisation was founded in 1999 with a vision to improve educational standards in Tanzania and thereby eradicate educational poverty.

AIC school has grown to become one of Kigoma’s leading boarding schools, offering state-of-the-art facilities to students and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively face the challenges ahead.

AIC comprises of four schools:

  • 1) Ahlulbayt Islamic Seminary (AIS), established in 2001
  • 2) Aunali Nursery School (ANS), established in 1999
  • 3) Shabbir Junior School (SJS), established in 2000
  • 4) Dar ul Huda (DUH), established in 2002

AIC takes a multi-faceted approach to learning : as well as academic development, we believe in nurturing the social, physical and spiritual capacities of students to create respectful, independent and morally upright individuals ready to face the challenges of today.

Educational Facilities

The school has modern science and computer laboratories with high speed internet, as well as a well stocked library with a broad range of reference materials available for both students and teachers.

Boarding Facilities

The school offers boarding facilities for male pupils and students from Grade 5 onwards, with lunch provided to all students. The students are able to enjoy the state of the art facilities the school has to offer both within the classes as well as boarding facilities. The school currently has ### boys as part of their boarding facility. The organisation is currently fundraising to open a girls boarding facility.


This is one of the key tenets of AIC : as an institution founded upon Islamic teaching and principles, students as well as staff are expected to behave and exhibit moral values such as honesty, integrity and respect. This applies within the school and community setting.